Are my labels checked for spelling mistakes?

The data check does not include: A spell check. Unfortunately, we cannot proofread all the texts in the print data. This is your or your graphic designer’s responsibility. But if we notice a spelling mistake, we will of course point it out to you and you can correct the mistake.

To what extent is my data checked before printing?

When you upload your print data to us, it automatically goes through a preflight program with a technical check. The data for each order is then re-examined by our employees to avoid rejects. The data check includes: Have the shape and potentially the punch outline been created correctly? Do the colours and the image resolution […]

What resolution do my images need to be?

It’s best if your print data contains text and vector graphics, since this guarantees maximum print sharpness. If the data contains images, they must be embedded and have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. For barcodes, a higher resolution of up to 1,200 dpi is recommended.

How do I create a custom cutting outline correctly?

If your labels aren’t rectangular with rounded or pointed corners, round or oval, then we need a special punch shape as a path outline. You lay it out in your print PDF on an extra page congruent with the print image (punch page 1, print image page 2). This path / vector must be separate and closed and have […]

When is printing with opaque white recommended?

Opaque white is used as the fifth printing ink on silver film or transparent film. Excellent effects can be achieved with silver, similar to what you’ll be familiar with from hot foil stamping. Only, here, the procedure is reversed. We start with silver film, partially print it with opaque white, then with 4c. So any […]

Are special colours an option?

Since special colours are always an issue, our printing machines can simulate PANTONE and HKS colours with 4c using standardisation. Leave the special colours in your print data as usual and check the colour name to ensure it is correct if necessary. The printing machine retrieves this name in the presets and automatically converts everything […]